Who Owns The Grade?
The Grade is owned by publicly traded Snap Interactive (Ticker: STVI), based out of Manhattan, New York.
Do I need a Facebook account to use The Grade?
Yes, you do. For our functionality, we require syncing your Facebook account to create a profile on The Grade. However, you can adjust your Facebook settings regarding how much information is shared.
How is my grade calculated?
Every user has a Profile grade, Messaging grade and Peer Review grade. Our unique proprietary algorithm factors those three categories in to calculate a user’s Overall Grade.
How do I improve my Overall Grade?
To improve your Profile grade, make sure to have several high quality photos and include an interesting “About Me” that doesn’t include slang or inappropriate content. Thanks to our unique Photo Stats feature, you can see how users will respond to your main profile photo allowing you to compare which photo will give you the best grade.

To improve your Messaging grade, write thoughtful and compelling messages. Refrain from using inappropriate and offensive content (such hostile or suggestive content). Our algorithm also analyzes length of messages, spelling mistakes, and slang such as hbu, yolo, ur, fomo, and lmao. Make sure to respond to messages from your matches. You will only receive messages from The Grade users in whom you’ve expressed interest, so if you’re not interested in responding, just remove them from your matches. Our algorithm will react positively the more you respond.
What is Peer Review?
Nobody makes a big decision without checking reviews - restaurants, TVs, shoes - so why would you make a decision about your love life without doing the same? The Grade now offers Peer Review, an anonymous way to tell us what you think about your matches and friends on the app. Peer Review asks the question, “Is this user a quality person?” You will have the option to select up to 5 hashtags to appear on quality user’s profile. (Hashtag visibility can be toggled on/off in your settings.) If no, you will be asked to provide further information. The Peer Review grade is calculated by averaging the ratio of yes and no responses to the prompted question.
How often are Grades recalculated?
The Grades are recalculated about every 10 minutes.
My overall grade is “D” or “F”, what should I do?
If your overall grade is “D” or “F,” you are in danger of being expelled and kicked off of The Grade. A “D” or “F” grade in an individual category will not result in expulsion. To improve your grade, immediately respond thoughtfully to messages, remove offensive words and phrases, upload several clearer photos and switch up your primary photos.
I’ve been expelled, can I get back in?
Please email us at support@thegradedating.com and we will review your appeal. However, we are not obligated to respond or let anyone back in.
Why is my location important? How is it used?
We need your location information to show you nearby matches. When you view a profile, we will display how far the user is from you in miles. If your screen says “no location,” enable the location option in your phone’s app settings.
What are Photo Stats?
Photo stats show the rate at which your primary photo gets liked or skipped by other users. Under the “Edit Profile” option, click “View Photo Stats” for your primary photo. The grade on your photo shows how it is performing compared to the average.
How often are Photo Stats updated?
The stats on your primary photo are updated about every 3 seconds. This occurs when your stats blink. Your likes and skips are always and only based on your primary profile photo. Stats for previous photos won’t disappear, but only the main photo will get updated stats. This way, you can compare which profile photo performs best.
How can I upload photos?
You can upload photos from your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.
What does “average like-rate” mean?
The average like rate shows how often users with the same gender and approximate age get liked, so you can see if your photo is performing above or below the average.
What is considered a good grade? How can I improve my photo grade?
A good photo grade is a “B” or higher. To improve your photo grade, show off your personality with an interesting and clear photo. Typically photos showing off your personality, hobbies and favorite travel destinations perform well.
What is a bad photo?
Group photos, selfies and photos that are poorly lit or blurry typically perform badly. Thanks to the data from our Photo Stats, you easily learn which profile photos are not performing well. Try a new photo out to improve your grade and get more matches as a result.
My friend used my phone and I can’t log into the app now?
Open Safari on your iPhone, go to Facebook.com, and log out of Facebook (click the menu icon on the top right, and then scroll all the way down to 'log out'). Also log out of the Facebook app if you have that open. Then, go to The Grade app and it should let you log in using the correct account.
For more inquiries, feel free to contact us!
Email us at support@thegradedating.com
Reach out on Twitter at @thegradeapp