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University of Miami, Arizona State University, and Hofstra University Have The Most Desirable Singles, Harvard Students Get Liked The Least

The Grade, a female-friendly, online dating application owned by Snap Interactive, that holds users accountable for their behavior by assigning letter grades to users ranging from "A+" to "F", has released its rankings of which colleges have the most desirable singles. The Grade is excited to announce The University of Miami as the college with the most desirable singles, with users from the college achieving a 56% like-rate on The Grade. Arizona State University and Hofstra University came in second and third with like-rates of 55% and 53% respectively.

The rankings, based on 500,000 swiping interactions from the 25 colleges with the largest number of members on The Grade, are sorted by the highest like-rates of their students. The University of Miami students topped the list, receiving the highest like-rate at 56%, while Harvard University’s students are last on the list with the lowest like-rate of 28%.

The Grade also analyzed students’ behavior in several other categories including message quality and response rates. Ohio State ranks highest in message quality, indicating a high level of articulate students, with only 1.2% of their students’ messages containing ‘low-quality’ content. Meanwhile, Hofstra has the most frequent use of ‘low-quality’ messages at 9.7%. Michigan State achieved the highest response rate, responding to 73% of messages, however students from the University of Florida respond only 25% of the time, earning the Gators the lowest response rate. In the category of ‘after hours swiping’, defined by the rate of swiping activity between 12am and 6am, Columbia University finished first with 25% of swiping activity occurring after midnight, while Cornell University participated least with only 6% late night activity.

Overall Rank College Profile Grade Incoming Like-Rate Grade A- or Higher Messages That Are Low Quality Response Rate After Hours Swiping
1 University of Miami A+ 56% 43% 1.6% 36% 11%
2 Arizona State University A+ 55% 25% 2.4% 60% 14%
3 Hofstra University A+ 53% 45% 9.7% 58% 12%
4 Fashion Institute of Technology A 50% 28% 5.9% 59% 9%
5 Michigan State University A- 49% 28% 2.1% 73% 6%
6 University of Connecticut B+ 47% 44% 1.8% 56% 6%
7 University of Wisconsin-Madison B+ 46% 24% 2.4% 57% 13%
8 Cornell University B 44% 39% 6.3% 55% 6%
9 University of Central Florida B 41% 37% 2.4% 70% 16%
10 Rutgers University B 41% 32% 8.6% 49% 14%
11 University of Arizona B 41% 27% 2.9% 68% 19%
12 Columbia University B- 40% 29% 1.9% 61% 25%
Overall Rank College Profile Grade Incoming Like-Rate Grade A- or Higher Messages That Are Low Quality Response Rate After Hours Swiping
13 University of Texas at Austin B- 39% 36% 3.8% 58% 14%
14 New York University B- 39% 24% 6.1% 64% 21%
15 Boston University C+ 38% 26% 7.4% 56% 22%
16 University of Pennsylvania C+ 37% 32% 2.7% 50% 20%
17 Pennsylvania State University C+ 37% 28% 2.9% 59% 20%
18 Indiana University C+ 37% 13% 2.5% 29% 15%
19 Ohio State University C 36% 38% 1.2% 54% 22%
20 Syracuse University C 35% 27% 1.6% 62% 23%
21 Texas A&M University C- 34% 38% 1.7% 33% 14%
22 University of Michigan C- 34% 27% 4.0% 55% 9%
23 University of Florida D 32% 31% 1.5% 25% 16%
24 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign F 28% 27% 8.9% 67% 24%
25 Harvard University F 28% 26% 6.1% 72% 8%

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Incoming Like-Rate: This is the ratio of swipes that are likes. For example, users from the University of Miami get liked 56% of the time, and skipped 44% of the time, tops on the list.

Grades of A- Or Higher: This represents the % of users from that school who have a grade of A+, A, or A-. For example, 45% of users from Hofstra have a grade of A- or higher, which is top on the list.

Messages That Are Low Quality: This is the % of messages that our algorithm identifies as low quality. Low quality messages include common grammar and spelling mistakes, along with excessive use of "slang" (fomo, yolo, hbu) and inappropriate/vulgar content. For example, 9.7% of messages sent by users from Ohio State contain low quality content, the best score for message quality.

Response Rate: This is the rate at which users respond to incoming messages. For example, users from Michigan State respond to incoming messages 73% of the time, most on the list.

After Hours Swiping: This is the percentage of swipes that occur between the hours of 12am - 6am (Late Night). For example, users from Hofstra do 12% of their swiping between 12am - 6am.

After Hours Swiping: This is the percentage of swipes that occur between the hours of 12am - 6am (Late Night). For example, users from the University of Illinois do 24% of their swiping between 12am - 6am, the highest rate on the list.

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About The Grade

The Grade is a female-friendly mobile dating application that holds users accountable for their behavior by using a proprietary algorithm that assigns letter grades to users ranging from "A+" to "F" based on profile quality, responsiveness, and message quality. Users with a grade of "D" or "F" receive a warning and instructions on how to improve their grade, while users who maintain an "F" grade are expelled. They do have the ability to "appeal" the decision by providing compelling reasons why they should be allowed back; however, re-entry is not guaranteed. By expelling low-quality users who receive an "F" grade, The Grade aims to create a community of high-quality users who are desirable, articulate and responsive.

The core concept of The Grade, in bringing accountability to dating, was informed by substantial market research that revealed a deep dissatisfaction amongst singles of current popular mobile dating offerings. A recurring theme, particularly from women on popular mobile apps, was that they were unhappy with the quantity of low-quality daters and the frequency of inappropriate, hostile, and sexually suggestive messages.

The results of a survey of 1,000 mobile daters showed that 73% of women who use mobile dating apps said they have received a sexually suggestive photo, 77% have been asked to send an inappropriate photo, and 90% of women have received sexually suggestive messages. When asked if they would prefer a dating experience that expelled low-quality users, 91% of women responded with a "Yes." With such overwhelming data from singles demanding a superior mobile dating experience, we decided to build “The Grade.”

To learn more about The Grade, please visit our FAQ.

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