Which Blogs Are The Hottest Singles Reading?

The Grade, a female-friendly dating application that holds users accountable for their behavior, analyzed the swiping behavior of users who like popular websites and blogs to determine what the most desirable singles are reading. We calculated the like-rate based on 400,000 swipe interactions from 5,000 users who have listed one of the publications below as an interest, and ranked each publication based on the like-rates.

The chart below shows the rate at which users get liked on The Grade, broken out by their favorite publications. For example, users on The Grade who like Refinery29, get liked 64% of the time. See how your readers stack up in the online dating world.

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Like Rate Users Profile Grade
Refinery29 64% 363 A+
Elite Daily 60% 586 A+
Jezebel 60% 92 A
Huffington Post 58% 419 A
Daily Mail 57% 64 A
Gawker 52% 141 A-
Mashable 51% 360 A-
Business Insider 50% 386 A-
Gothamist 49% 134 B+
Venture Beat 48% 86 B+
BuzzFeed 48% 664 B+
Slate 47% 79 B+
TMZ 47% 295 B+
The Wall Street Journal 46% 330 B
Barstool 44% 191 B
TechCrunch 42% 306 B-
The Verge 36% 173 C
Drudge 28% 35 D
ESPN 26% 1133 D